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Recently, a friend pinned a bunch of free organization printables to one of her Pinterest boards. My little secret: I LOVE organizing things, making lists, and checking off things on lists. Another secret: when I don’t make lists, my motivation & productivity levels are off the charts – the bad way. :) So I figured this was just the jump-start I was looking for to bring some new routines to my day. If all goes well, I may start creating some schedules for my time when it is just Bristol and me as well. Too often we both get bored because we don’t have good routines & fresh perspectives!

A fresh perspective in pictures:





Thanks to Life’s a Journal, The Project Girl, and Kamley Lane!

7 thoughts on “Organize my life

  1. Nice. I’ve spent my adult life trying to organize my time and activities and never getting very good at it. I like your organizer, but that’s dry erase, right? I’d make a horrible mess. :-)

    • It’s a hazard, that’s for sure! I’ve been surprised at how well the marker has held up; I think it’s the folder that prevents smudging. I do wish dry erase had finer points, though. I’m using the “fine tip” and it’s still big & bulky.

      Another option is just printing these on normal paper, but this way I won’t waste so many trees!

  2. Wow! Love the printables. Dan can attest to my crazy-stressed-out-ness that hits a couple times a year. I always think that something like this might help me out, but I’ve never tried it.

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